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IS Photobuyers like my photos.
By Rohn Engh

Today I want to talk about the people who send you a check ... photobuyers. How do you know what photos you need to send them, as you know, what should be.

When we talked with a dozen or more editors (photobuyers), one day international here photo source, we know very well what is important to them and how to go about finding pictures they need.

Now when I say photobuyers, I'm not talking about commercial art directors at advertising agencies, corporations and graphics houses. . .

I'm talking about photo editing editorial stock photography area book publishers, magazine publishers ...

These people function as a reliable budget, typically $ 50 to $ 150 per image (for inside use - includes many more. This standard. There are two important points Editors stock photographers mind. 1). Most photo editors are authorized more than $ 150 per picture (on) to pay, if the picture is hard to find one. And the number 2.) Photo editors not only a photograph for sale, they buy many of the same subject.

So if you ever, as some stock photographers to stay there and make a success Stock Photography ... and continue to live where they want to live, to work on their own terms, they must own boss - it's their secret.

1). They focus on a specialized area or select a few areas that they liked the photos.

2). They have a deep selection of photographs of the area or areas (because of their passion, and they continue to take pictures of all aspects of this subject.

There are thousands of sites over stock photographer can choose.
Variety is great. For example, a horse, but horses in general Pintos, quarter horses, thoroughbreds, and such, and West, East, dressage, polo horses, horses, and so on and so forth.

My Pictures
My Pictures
My Pictures
Whether your interests, please planes or the Second World War aircraft, or a single engine aircraft.

Medicine. If you are a nurse or doctor, you can access for photo coverage, where the rest of us can be refused, or find it difficult and often a comprehensive coverage.

The same applies to law enforcement.

Gardening. Gardening, but in gardening: Flowers, Rose Garden? Vegetables, rhubarb? Agronomy, sunflowers!

That's why successful editorial stock photographers find that they have little competition in their many specific fields of specialization. And they will stay in their specific subject, the more proficient they are more and more expertise to build them.

And as a result, the more valuable a resource it becomes photobuyers for publishing houses that produce magazines and books, these areas of interest.

Can you make money.

These publishers have monthly budgets ranging from $ 20,000 to $ 50,000 to $ 175,000 per month rent on their photography needs.

You could ask, "Internet is on its advanced search features, replaced by a printed publication."

The answer is no.

You were the boundaries or Prev and honest lately? You visit a magazine rack at Wal-Mart or at the airport they are large, and growing. People are hungrier, more than ever for information, entertainment and education, and includes the "print" form.

If you know how good photos to produce your camera, and you have researched the web to publish books, journals and magazines, with photos of the subject areas you are taking photos to find out, you're going to find that the publishers will think You are an important resource.